You Can Now Use Your Voice to Format and Edit Your Google Docs via @thegooglegooru

  Click here to watch this video on YouTube The Voice typing tool in Google Docs is new and improved. For six months, you’ve been able to type with you voice, but today you are able to use a long ..more ›

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Why we all need time to tinker with tech @escalantejq via @ESchoolnews

To Tinker in the modern context is a process of trying something to figure out what works or doesn’t to find your way to the best solution, often going through many iterations, or changes, along the way. Tinkering is more a philosophy than a single practice and thus can be applied to many forms of learning for all learners.

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Introducing the math selfie @LanaSweetenShul via @eschoolnews

Sure, you may have taken a selfie, but you likely haven’t taken an equivalent fraction selfie — and if you ask the Jefferson Elementary School fourth-graders in Jennifer Moser’s fourth-grade math class, you haven’t really lived until you’ve snapped, uploaded and shared your share of equivalent fraction selfies.

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