Getting a ‘Techie Brekkie” up and running at your school @edgalaxy_com

So the concept is simple and definitely not one that I can lay claim to.
 Put on a nice breakfast and invite teachers to come and learn short bites
of information they can begin using in the classroom the same day.

The ‘Techie Brekkie” has become a popular way for ICT, Learning
Technologies or whatever you want to call it to claw back some professional
learning time from the heavy after school meeting schedule which is mainly
dominated by literacy and numeracy.

This presentation below outlines some of the key things you might want to
remember when running a techie brekkie that make it different from a
traditional professional development session.

I am sure that many of you may have run a session of your own and I would
love to add a comment in the section below that might help others even
more.  Enjoy.


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