What If Teachers Took Computation Out of Math Class? @MindShiftKQED @conradwolfram @TEDTalks

Conrad Wolfram argues it’s time to rethink why schools require math classes in their current form and what purpose they serve.

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Why Teachers Participate in Twitter Chats (and What’s Coming Next) @spirrison via @HuffPostImpact

Teachers who want to expand their knowledge, share instructional resources, and interact with others who have complementary professional interests ar

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Color Blindness in the Classroom: Part 1 – Color Blind Friendly Charts via @tekhnologicblog

Back in January, Joanna Malefaki from My ELT Rambles asked me if there was a way to customize charts so that they were more color blind friendly. She wanted to create charts that weren’t just based on color. She wanted to incorporate lines, dots and patterns. So, Joanna and I ended up collaborating for some time; emailing…

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